Bambike Revolution Cycles promotes social welfare for the people of Tarlac. Bambike and its bambassadors support the advocacy of the Gawad Kalinga Philippines. Handmade bikes from Gawad Kalinga are then used for the bike rentals, purchase and ecotours along the walled city of Intramuros which in turn help these beneficiary of Bambike, the BamBuilders.

Bambike’s bamboo bike builders (aka BamBuilders) are incredibly skilled craftsmen. They hand-build the greenest bikes on the planet. June, Nel, Jun, Luis, Fred, James, and Ferdie (shown from left to right) are all members of a community development program called Gawad Kalinga (GK). They live in the rural town of Victoria, Tarlac in the Philippines. Before they were building Bambikes they were working a number of part-time jobs, driving pedi-cabs, welding, farming, and other odd jobs as day laborers.

Gawad Kalinga's mission is to build communities to end poverty. Bambike shares GK's vision of a poverty free Philippines and contributes to the cause by hiring GK villagers, providing them with sustainable livelihoods. The Bambuilders now work full-time at the Bambike workshop, inside the community where they live, among friends and close to their families.

Each of the BamBuilders has a unique story.