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  • Vermosa Active Revolution

           On December 3 & 4, 2016, Bambike Revolution Cycles took the fast route to Vermosa, Daang Hari, Cavite to take part in the Vermosa Active Revolution by Ayala Land Corporation. The event was held just off the Bike Skills park located in the area. Bambike set-up a mini kid's trail at their booth and displayed mountain bikes, fixed gear bikes, and their push bikes. Kids enjoyed the mini trail while their parents were enjoying the much awaited Drop and Roll Tour that featured talented trial riders Danny MacAskill, Duncan Shaw, Fabio Wibmer, and Ali C. 

      The event also exhibited other outdoor brands like KTM, Speedo, Zoot, and more. To learn more about the Drop and Roll Tour and Vermosa Active Revolution follow the links below!

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