Frequently Asked Questions about Bambike

Why build a bike out of bamboo?

Sustainability, green grass, carbon dioxide sink. carbon negative building material (vs. steel with its high embodied energy). 


Since bamboo has evolved over the years to grow tall and strong, yet flexible enough to sway in the wind and not snap, it has inherent qualities that are perfect for cycling. These properties translate into a bike frame that is stiff enough to really crank on yet naturally vibration dampening making for a smooth ride.  

Is a Bambike frame strong enough?

The select species of bamboo that we use are at least as strong as steel in tensile strength and have higher strength-to-weight ratios. 

Our bamboo bike frames have been  tested for durability, crash worthiness and stiffness. They are certified to the toughest standards. 

The all-terrain frames are certified to the EN 14766:2005 and 

EN 14781:2005 clause 4.8 EN 14781 is the toughest standard for road bicycles, and comprises a total of four test clauses for bicycle frames: two impact tests and two fatigue tests involving 100,000 test cycles.

Is the whole bike made out of bamboo?

Most of the frame is made out of bamboo. The lugs (or joints) of the Bambike are made of abaca fiber and resin. The component interfaces, or connection points, are made out of aircraft-grade aluminum.  

Is the bike really Handmade?

Yes, it is handcrafted by a group of skilled BamBuilders. Bambike frames take approximately 50 working hours to build.

What does fair trade really mean? How does this project benefit the community?

Bambikes are built within the framework of a sustainable community development project. The NGO that we work with is called Gawad Kalinga, also known as GK. They have provided the housing and infrastructure. Bambike provides full and part-time jobs with benefits.

We reinvest in the community through a number of programs. Currently, we sponsor the school teacher as well as a feeding program for the students. A bamboo playground and handwashing station has also been built, encouraging safe play as well as good hygiene. We are creating a school supply and scholarship program. Improving the water and sanitation issues are projects that are in the pipeline. And a bamboo nursery program is in place to ensure a sustainable supply of raw materials. Bambike is investing in the future.  

Will I get splinters?

Probably not. The bamboo is selected for its strength and durability. Bambuilders take their time shaping the abaca lugs and sanding down the bamboo for a smooth finish.  Each frame is then painted in a waterproof, UV resistant top coat fir for a showroom.  

How long to it take to get my order?

Order processing and confirmation should take just a few days, so with shipping it should take a total of between 2-3 weeks to get your Bambike from the time you place your order.

Do I have to pay Duties/taxes?

There may be a charge for duties/taxes when you receive your order. In the US, the charge is 3.9% of your order.


Bambike quality commitment and warranty:
- Prior to shipping, each Bambike frame would have undergone Quality Assurance and Testing. Photos of each Frame prior to shipping will be sent to the buyer.

- Each Bambike frame comes with a 3 year Philippine warranty. For frames with manufacturing defects, Bambike will completely replace frames. For frames located outside of the Philippines, Bambike will still replace frames however shipping cost and corresponding duties and taxes to customer will be charged the buyer.

-1 year warranty for bicycle parts and accessories